Various pieces of legislation, including the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, required employers to monitor their work activities to ensure they are being carried out in accordance with their policies, procedures, safe systems etc. 

It is often said that ‘What gets measured, gets done’.  Akeva can assist your organisation in the development and implementation of an effective monitoring regime which may include:



The main type of 'proactive' monitoring would be by carrying regular, systematic, workplace safety inspections.  Effective safety inspections will identify all the hazards, or potential hazards, associated with the area being inspected.

Akeva will carry out regular safety inspections as requested by our customers.  On completion of the safety inspection our consultant will produce an electronic report identying areas of compliance, as well as non-compliance, and give a priority to actions needed and a percentage score which is useful for benchmarking.


To ensure that your health and safety policy is not only being impletemented but is effective, Akeva can carry out a 'Policy Compliance Audit'.

Policy compliance audits involve an in-depth look at your policies and procedures along with visits to various work areas to ensure that employees of all levels are, not only aware of their duties, but complying with them.

The policy compliance audit will provide the senior management with a 'warts and all' look at their company providing them with a benchmark of where they are at a given point and recomment actions that need to be taken for improvement.