The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 specifies a company employing 5 or more people must have a written health and safety policy.  There are further pressures by clients and customers for company's employing less than 5 persons to have a policy.

Akeva will work with your company to develop a Health and Safety that is specific to your requirements and then review it as needed.  Akeva can then assist the organisation with the subsequent implementation of the health and safety policy and procedures into your everyday management systems and practices.


Once an organisation has its health and safety policy in place it can further develop this into a safety management system.  Akeva can continue to offer professional assistance to develop and implement a health and safety management system 'tailor-made' to your organisation.

Safety management can include the following:

  • The aforementioned health and safety policy.

  • A manual of generic risk assessments that can be used as a time saving tool.

  • A management manual which includes all the forms that your organisation may need to fulfil its duties under relevant safety legislation and an aide memoir advising managers what needs to be carried out.

  • A catalogue of safety talks, commonly known as 'toolbox talks'.

  • The development of a training matrix tailored towards the needs of your business.

  • Any other documents that your organisation needs e.g. method statements, construction phase health and safety plans. etc.

Safety management systems can be developed in accordance with known systems such as the HSE's (Health and Safety Executive's) HSG65.  The systems develop by Akeva are in compliance with the HSG.


There is a specific legal requirement for risk assessments to be carried out for all work activities.  The employer must ensure that sufficient time is allowed for the risk assessment process prior to the work activity commencing.  The employer must ensure that those expected to carry out the risk assessments are competent to do so.

Akeva can either carry out the risk assessments for your company or train your staff to carry them out themselves (for further information on training, see the 'Training's section of this website).

To assist your staff Akeva can develop a manual of generic risk assessments specific to your business.  The manual can be used to either speed up the risk assessment process or simply used as a guide.

Other risk assessments that Akeva can carry out include:

  • Manual Handling Assessments
  • DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Work at Height Assessments
  • CoSHH Assessments


Once the risk assessment process has been carried out, there may be a need to develop a 'safe system of work' which may include method statements, permits to work, isolation procedures etc. The safe system of work provides those carrying out the work the necessary information they need to carry it out safely.

The consultants from Akeva cannot instruct your managers, supervisors or employees how to do their jobs. What our consultants will do is work with your representatives to use the findings of the risk assessments and their knowledge of the process and develop these into a working document.