Every employer has a legal obligation to ensure that their employees are adequately trained to carry out their duties for which they have been employed to do.  This training requirement includes safety related training and update/ refresher training.  Part of any effective safety management system is the training of employees.  It is important that all persons in a company receive training that is suitable for the role they carry out.

The commercial aspect should be also considered, details of Health and Safety Training are required when completing Contractors Questionnaires or registered with a central database, such as CHAS, Construction Line etc.
The benefits of ensuring that all staff have received the right training include:


Directors need to understand their legal duties under current health and safety legislation so that they can esnure health and safety is taken into account when making general management decisions.  Where Directors have attended training courses it shows a level of commitment.


Managers need to understand the company's legal duties as well as their own so that they can implement the necessary procedures to ensure the safety of employees and reduce the risk of litigation to the company.


Employees need to have a general awareness of the safety issues affecting the industry they work in and the standards that needs to be met.


To assist our customers, Akeva has an excellent portfolio of training course that can be delivered to clients as in-house training or as a public training course. 

These training courses include: 

If required, bespoke training courses can be developed to suit the individual needs of your organisation.